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Personalized service for all of your event products, available blank or imprinted, single units or bulk.
Shipping worldwide, rush production and expedited shipping available. EMAIL for a prompt response.

1.888.281.3135 toll free | 1.732.528.4989 phone | 1.212.731.0272 fax
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Secure online order forms, shopping cart web sites, email, fax, phone and postal mail ordering. Rush orders are our specialty.
ALL order is now through our shopping cart website. CLICK TO ORDER
  • E-MAIL YOUR ORDER to - simply make-up your own order form or use one of our thorough order forms as a guideline and e-mail your information in to us - it is as easy as that! Answers and order confirmation will be answered by a member of our staff almost immediately and always within 24 hours! Often you will receive a reply within minutes and most often before you log off! We take pride in our efficiencies and in answering your inquiries and processing your orders very quickly! If you experience difficulty e-mailing to our main e-mail address, please use or If you experience any difficulties reaching us via e-mail - please fax to 1.212.731.0272

  • FAX YOUR ORDER or QUESTION to 1.212.731.0272 This is a secure fax line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, confirmation of order will be provided. You can provide credit card information securely via our fax lines. Print and fill out one of our secure online order forms or make up your own and fax it to us!

  • PHONE 1.732.528.4989 or 1.888.281.3135 or local's phone line 1.732.528.1079
    NOTE: We sincerely appreciate orders submitted in writing to safeguard against errors or misunderstandings as most orders are custom imprinted. If you are submitting a custom imprinted order via phone, order confirmation will be generated from Sand Scripts and will be sent to you via fax or e-mail for you to approve your imprint prior to press.

  • PHONING IN JUST YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AFTER SUBMITTING ONLINE/FAX ORDER: If you are uncomfortable with placing your credit card information via one of the above methods, please:
    1. Place your complete order via online order form, fax or e-mail checking the box on the order form (or stating in your fax or e-mail) "I will phone in my credit card number."
    2. Wait for your e-mail or fax confirmation of your order to arrive complete with your order number (confirmation will be sent within 24 hours).
    3. Phone in your payment information referencing your order number to the special business phone line (1.732.528.1079) that will be provided in your order confirmation.
    4. NOTE: Sand Scripts will not phone solicit credit card numbers, we will wait for your phone call.

      • We appreciate all first time customers prepaid via credit card or business check. We do make exceptions for bona fide business customers or institutions who can only pay via purchase order. In that case, official purchase order must be submitted along with a personal or business credit card for security (only to be charged in the extremely rare case of default of payment).
      • Purchase Orders are available for returning bona fide business customers - or - you may send a business check with your order. Please follow these directions:
        1. Please submit order by online order form, fax or e-mail. Checking the appropriate box "Returning business/institution customer, submitting a purchase order" or "Business check, prepayment with order". Be sure to include your fax number.
        2. Your order complete confirmation and invoice will be faxed to you within 24 hours.
        3. Referencing your invoice number, fax your completed signed purchase order to us for the full amount and mail us the original along with a cover letter referencing your order on official business letterhead or send complete order with full pre-payment via check.
        4. Terms are "Due on Receipt" for returning business customers submitting a purchase order and "Prepaid" for first time business customers submitting a check with their order.

      • Please refer to our FAQ/POLICY pages prior to placing your order if you have any questions regarding terms of sale, our policies and returns.
      • IMPORTANT NOTES REGARDING SECURE ONLINE ORDERING: We primarily sell custom products and want to make sure that all spellings are correct and that you receive your products exactly as ordered. All orders are reviewed for accuracy by a human being before credit card processing. By pressing 'Submit' your credit card will not be automatically charged. Rest assured that before your order is charged or sent to print - it will be reviewed. If necessary, all questions will be addressed prior to printing and shipping. All orders receive prompt and very thorough processing. You will receive a written order confirmation complete with all pricing, delivery estimates and order details. There is one complete order form per product type instead of a multi-screen click through order form. This works the best for us in processing your order. We found that shopping cart orientated order forms are not suited to custom imprinted products as we offer almost unlimited printing options. Instead of battling with the back button and being unsure of incomplete orders, we offer a single one page order form which you can review in its entirety prior to submission. You are more than welcome to print out our order forms to use as a worksheet or to use a guideline to make up your own order form to e-mail, fax or mail to us. When placing a secure online order, we suggest that you print out the product page that you are ordering from as some browsers may not allow you to jump between the product page and order screen without losing information that you may have entered. Our system of hand processing all orders along with careful, immediate attention by human customer service representatives has made, inc. and all of our sister sites a thriving online enterprise since 1995. With thousands upon thousands of happy customers worldwide and millions in online sales - Sand Scripts will remain your original full service online printer for many years to come!

      • When you place your order it is processed within 24 hours by a human being.
      • When we receive your online order, an automated "Thank You For Your Order" email will be sent. It is a quick note to let you know that your order has been received and is being processed. Rest assured that all orders are reviewed by hand and that all orders are processed as quickly as possible. We will e-mail you shortly with a text confirmation of your order along with any necessary questions or instructions we may have and/or tracking number of your package (for shipments not requiring additional approval). You will also receive a sales receipt for your order in the mail - thank you for your patronage.
      • If we have questions or suggestions regarding your order we will contact you.
      • As for imprinted invitation, stationery, announcement and holiday card orders: once we receive your order in writing via Sand Scripts' online order form, e-mail or fax, your information is entered into an "Invitation/Card Order Confirmation". This is e-mailed or faxed back to you with any questions or suggestions we may have regarding your order along with an itemized statement and estimated ship date. Once we receive your confirmation, your order will go to print exactly as you have confirmed. This e-mail/fax is text only and is not formatted nor in the typestyle that you order. What you confirm, is what you receive.
      • As for promotional product orders, the above applies, but in most cases a fax or electronic proof of artwork approval will be required via fax or e-mail attachment.

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